The Opposition and PageSix TV

The Opposition and PageSix TV
Comedy Central and New York Post
New York, NY


The Opposition and PageSix TV

One of the best collaborate partnerships that exists in the NEP family is the one between the NEP Studios group and Sweetwater NY.  With constant access to producers and designers looking to build out space under the NY Studios division, NEP is able to leverage their Live Events partnership to offer Full Scale LED and on-camera HD Projection builds to support the productions from inception through long term Production.  And visa versa !  Designers are able to ask our creative team if they know of a space to house the production and another great partnership is made!  Currently The Opposition With Jorden Klepper and  PageSix TV  are two such talk/news-magazine style shows that started with an empty studio and now tape daily almost year round using various display technologies to boost their visual impact.  Another great example of the marriage of Live Event gear with Studio Space – all brought to you by NEP.

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